Fact Check: This viral image of man carrying a calf on his back is not from Assam

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A picture post has surfaced on the internet, in the picture a man is shown carrying a cow’s calf on his back because water has reached up to the knees due to floods.
The caption on the picture read: “Pray for Assam”

The above post on Facebook has more than five thousand likes and above four thousand shares.
A similar post was found on another Facebook page.

When NewsMobile fact-check team did a fact-check on the photo, we found that the caption on the post is FAKE.
On putting the image through Reverse Image Search, we found out that Dhaka Times used this picture in their article published on  July 1, 2014, regarding the flood situation of Gaibandha area in Northern Bangladesh.

Hence, this proves that the caption attached to the post is FALSE as the picture is old and it is not from Assam.

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