Fact Check: This video of a man in burqa arrested by Sri Lankan police is OLD!

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Following the deadly Sri Lanka terror blast, a video started making rounds on social media claiming that a Buddhist man dressed as a Muslim woman was caught by the Sri Lankan Police.
“A Buddhist dressed as a Muslim woman was caught by the Sri Lankan Police. He os one of the rouges who bombed the Sri Lankan Church.😡😡😡😡😡😡” 

The video also has a watermark of “www.nethnews.lk” on it.
It was shared by multiple users on social media.

When NewsMobile fact-checked the video, we found out that the video was old.
The link written on the video led us to the website of Neth News. When we did not find the video in their latest videos, we decided to check their social media pages.
On their Facebook page, we found a post dated 22 April that had a screenshot of the video.
The Google translation of the post read- ” Awareness!
This video is circulating across the web at this moment, and see that this video is a video clip that was published on August 29, 2018.
The link to that story ”

The post also had the link to the story –http://nethnews.lk/article/57706 ”
The link led to a story dated back in 2018 and the title read “Man arrested for burglary in Rajagiriya (PHOTOS)”.

This proves that the video is FAKE.

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