Fact Check: The man in the picture with Zakir Naik is not Sri Lanka suicide bomber

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A picture of a man with Zakir Naik is going viral on social media claiming that he is the Srilankan suicide bomber.
“Sri Lanka suicide bomber with congress’s most favorite Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, ” the caption read.

When we cropped the picture and put it through Reverse Image Search, we found links to some blog posts on Yandex. Here’s the other post.
The blog post identified the man as Zamri Vinoth.
When we looked for Zamri Vinoth on Google, we found out that he is a Muslim preacher, a follower of Zakir Nair and a resident of Malaysia.
We found articles dated April 28, 2019, stating that he was detained in Perlis after a few complaints were lodged against him for insulting Hinduism during his religious talk in Kelantan.

When we checked his social media accounts, we found some of his pictures with Naik, who fled India in 2016. Naik has been charged in money laundering case.

Moreover, Srilankan govt. named all the nine Easter Sunday suicide bombers and Zamri Vinoth is not on the list.
As per an article in The Guardian, eight men and one woman were named.

  1. Zahran Hashim
  2. Ilham Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
  3. Inshaf Ahmed
  4. Mohamed Azzam Mubarak Mohamed
  5. Ahmed Muaz
  6. Mohamed Hasthun
  7. Mohamed Nasser Mohamed Asad
  8. Abdul Latheef
  9. Fathima Ilham

This proves the man in the pictures is not a Sri Lanka suicide bomber.

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