Fact Check: Photo of domestic violence victim from Bangladesh falsely linked to 'love jihad' in Kerala

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Several pictures of a married woman with bruises are doing the rounds of social media, claiming that the woman in the picture is a victim of ‘love jihad’ in the southern Indian state of Kerala in India.
The Facebook caption read: “केरल में फिर एक लड़की #लव_जिहाद की शिकार हर लड़की शुरू में कहती है मेरा अब्दुल दूसरे मुसलमानों जैसा नही है,बहुत नेक है लेकिन जब आंखें खुलती हैं तब लड़कियों के सामने तीन अंजाम होते हैं या तो सूटकेस में दफन मिलती है या कोठे पर बेच दी जाती है या बच्चा पैदा करने वाली मशीन बन जाती है,। धन्य हो हिंदुत्व को डुबोने वाली कुर्मुखियो, सुधरोगी कब?? ##शिव##भक्त##राधे##किंग…”
(A girl again victim of #Love _ Jihad in Kerala. Every girl initially says my Abdul is not like any other Muslims, very good but in reality, a woman suffers from consequences of either getting buried in a suitcase or sold to a brothel or a woman for producing a baby.)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be false and misleading.
On running the picture through Google Reverse Image Search, we found the same picture in a news article in Dhaka Tribune dated June 26, 2020, claiming that a housewife from Dhaka posted a “heartbreaking” status on social media and alleged that her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law tortured her for dowry.

Another news article with the same picture was found on The Campus Today dated June 26, 2020, claiming that the victim named Sumaiya was tortured by her in-laws.
Further, we found another picture in Dhaka Tribune from June 27, 2020, claiming that on the occasion of international anti-torture movement, a housewife named Sumaiya Hassan from Dhaka posted a heart-breaking status on Facebook saying that her husband, father-in-law, and mother-in-law tortured her for dowry.
Moreover, we also found a news report on NTTV PRO, a Bangladeshi channel on YouTube dated September 7, 2020, claiming that this incident is of Bangladesh.
Also, several Facebook users from Bangladesh posted the same pictures, which were seen here, here and here.
On digging further, we searched for Sumaiya Hassan‘s Facebook profile and found that she belongs to Dhaka, Bangladesh and not Kerala in India.

Further, we found a post by Sumaiya Hassan dated June 27, 2020, thanking the police department for helping her.

Hence, the woman with bruises is not a victim of love jihad in Kerala but from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Don’t fall for false and misleading claims.

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