Fact Check: Old and unrelated pictures of ruins shared as idols found in Ayodhya

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After some archaeological idols were excavated during the land levelling work being carried out at the Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, a post showing Buddha idols started doing the rounds on the internet. It is being claimed that the idols were found while digging in Ayodhya.
The caption of the post read, ‘Buddha statues while digging in Ayodhya. Ramayan is not history but a fictional story ❤️’. (Translated from Tamil)

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We fact-checked the above post and found that these pictures are OLD and not from Ayodhya.
We put the pictures through Reverse Image Search individually and found the following.

Image 1

We found the first picture on  Kickstarter’s website in an article dated April 25, 2013. According to the article, the picture was taken at Mes Aynak in Afghanistan. The image has been credited to Brent E Huffman, who is a director, producer, cinematographer and editor of a documentary called ‘Saving Mes Aynak.’

Image 2

We found the second picture in an article published by a website called Ancient Pages in July 2016 which carried the viral image and mentioned that the image is from Jaulian in Taxila in Pakistan.
The caption of the picture read, ‘Ruins in a Buddhist Monastery, Jaulian, Taxila’.

Image 3

We found the third picture in an article by The Indian Express, dated January 23, 2019. The headline of the article was: ‘After Nalanda and Vikramshila, Bihar unearths Telhara university.’

The caption of the picture read: ‘Other history books too talk of Tiladhak monastery, on the western side of Nalanda, as having four big halls and three staircases. It is said the mahavihara or university was built by one of the descendents of Magadha ruler Bimbisara. The monastery was decorated with copper and also had small copper bells that gently chimed in the breeze. (IE Photo: Ravi S Sahani)’.
The above information proves that the pictures in question are old and unrelated. Hence, the posts are false.

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