Fact Check: Don't believe this false news of a Hindu idol being burnt in West Bengal by Muslims

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Images of the Hindu idol of goddess Kali being burnt, are being spread on social media with the claim that it was burnt by Muslims.

Facebook posts can be seen here and here.


We fact-checked the above claims and found them to be misleading.
First, we searched the official account of the West Bengal Police. We came across a tweet from September 2, 2020,  which had a statement from them, that the post claims were misleading.

Further, on searching the keywords from this story, we came across a tweet from the Murshidabad police, the location where the incident took place.

The tweet reads that ‘As stated by mandir committee it was a fire accident. Temple authorities are taking necessary action. Local police and administration coordinating. Do not share with anyone without verifying personally. You may contact the mandir committee for further details.’
Hence, it is confirmed that the incident was a fire accident and does not mention any particular community behind it.

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