Fact Check: Domino's is NOT giving away two free pizzas for sharing this post

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A picture post is making rounds on Social Media which is attributed to the popular pizza chain Domino’s. The post claimed that Domino’s will give away two pizzas free of cost on sharing the post within 24 hours.
The text on the picture read:
“Offer valid till February 23, 2019”
“Domino’s will be rewarding each share in the next 24 hrs with 2 (FREE) large pizzas.”
A Facebook page Dominos club shared the post on Sunday.

At the time of filing this report, the post had already got 6,372 shares and close to 700 comments.

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When NewsMobile Fact Checked the claims, we found that the claims are Fake and Domino’s is not running such campaign.
Domino’s confirmed to NewsMobile that the post was not posted by them.

When we asked Domino’s on their official twitter handle to confirm the authenticity of the post, they replied, “We would like to inform you that this has not been posted from our side.”
Hence, don’t fall for the free pizza claim.

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