Fact Check: Disturbing news from 2015 being shared now with Anti-Muslim message

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Posts have been circulating on social media, bashing two Muslim owners of a restaurant in Britain, who were fined for contaminating their restaurant’s food with human faeces.
It further states that recent news of Muslims mixing spit and urine in food in India has been going viral.


We fact-checked the above information and found it to be from 2015.
We found a BBC report from 2015 with a mention of the above incident.

The article further lists the finding by the health inspection team of the area:
Paul Dales, from Nottingham City Council’s food, health and safety team, said: “This was a significant and serious food poisoning outbreak affecting a large number of people, some of whom developed severe symptoms.
It’s fortunate there were no fatalities, as this is a strain of E. coli rarely found in the developed world, this being only the second confirmed outbreak in Europe.”
It’s clear that hand-washing practices by some workers were wholly inadequate and this led to food becoming contaminated.”
Hence, while the news is true, it is five years old which is falsely being circulated in the present, that too with an anti-Muslim message.

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