Fact Check: Did this man break Roza to donate blood during the Coronavirus outbreak? Here's the truth

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video post is doing the rounds on different social media platforms in which a short clip from a news channel can be seen, that reports of a Muslim man who broke his ‘Roza’ to donate blood to an infant.
The incident has been linked to the Coronavirus with the claim that the entire nation is fighting together against the virus.
The caption of the post read: “पूरा देश कोरोना से एक होकर जंग लड रहा है फिर भी कई लोग अपने राजनैतिक और आर्थिक स्वार्थ के लिए नफरत फैलाने में लगे हैं !
पर इन तोडनेवालों पर देश की एकता की हमेशा जीत हुई है !
जैसे हमारे देश ने आजादी की लड़ाई एक होकर जीती थी वैसे कोरोना के खिलाफ की लड़ाई भी हम एक होकर जीतेंगे !”
(Translation- The whole country is fighting unitedly against the Coronavirus, yet many people are engaged in spreading hatred for their political and economic interests! But the unity of the country has always won over these breakers! Just as our country had won the fight for independence, we will also win the fight against Corona)


NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found that the claim attached to the video is false as it is old.
We extracted keyframes of the video and after putting them through Reverse Image Search, we found a report by NDTV, dated May 28, 2018.

According to the report, the man in the video, Mohammad Ashfaq, was observing Roza when he read a post on Facebook urging for ‘O’ negative blood, a rare group, for a new-born. He contacted the family and reached the hospital in Bihar’s Darbhanga to save the infant’s life.
In conclusion, it is clear that the video in question is old and is not related to COVID-19 at all.

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