Fact Check: Did Kangana Ranaut say she'll campaign for BJP in Bihar elections? Here's the truth

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A television grab of ABP News is doing rounds on social media claiming that Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut will campaign for BJP in Bihar elections.
The Facebook caption read, “पहले से ही पता था कंगना ने स्वंय नहीं बल्कि भाजपा के कहने पर बवाल किया
¶ नौटंकीबाई ¶”
(Translation: Already knew Kangana made a ruckus at the behest of the BJP and not herself
The Breaking News flash attached to the post read, “बिहार चुनाव में भाजपा का प्रचार करेगी;- कंगना रनौत”
(Translation: In Bihar elections Kangana Ranaut will campaign for BJP)

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NewsMobile fact-checked the above post and found it to be altered and misleading.
With the help of keywords search, ‘Kangana Ranaut campaign for Bihar elections’ we found an article on NDTV dated September 14, 2020.
According to the article, when Devendra Fadnavis was asked if Kangana Ranaut would campaign for the ruling party in Bihar, he said that ‘the BJP does not need any other star as it has Prime Minister Narendra Modi’.

Also, when we looked at the screengrab carefully, we noticed that there is no time ticker on the screen. We also found that there is a typing error where a semi-colon is used.

On comparing the Fake Vs Real collage of the social media post and ABP News flash we found that the social media post is altered as there is no ticker and also the font is different. Moreover, the format of the two screengrabs is also evidently different.

We also ran another keyword search but did not find any credible report to support the claim. And given the gravity of the statement, it would have definitely made headlines.
In conclusion, social media posts of ABP News flash claiming that Kangana Ranaut will campaign for BJP in Bihar election are false.

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