Don't fall for 'Modi, Xi will mate 6 times' headline; its FAKE

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in China on an informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and media from both the countries are reporting PM Modi’s visit quite extensively.
In the midsts on Friday when PM Modi was scheduled the meet the Chiene President, a picture of a report in Times of India started making rounds on Social Media. It went viral because the headline of that report read: ‘Modi, Xi will mate 6 times in 24 hours’.

But it was learnt that the above picture is FAKE and photoshop was used to make the changes to create a viral picture.

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And in no time twitterati just went after TOI and even some of the verified twitter handles questioned the national daily.


Hous after the picture went viral on Social Media, The Times of India released a clarification of their twitter handle clarifying that it was a Fake photoshopped picture and also published the original headline.
“A photoshopped image of our headline on the Modi-Xi meet is doing the rounds. All our editions carry the correct headline. You can see the difference when the correct & fake headlines are placed together. The one on the right is the photoshopped image with the word ‘mate’ tilted,” ToI said in its clarification.

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