Don't believe this FAKE quote attributed to Parvez Musharraf

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A picture post has surfaced on the internet in which a quote is attributed to former Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf.
The text on the picture attributed to Musharraf read: “Biggest strength of Pakistan is Indian Muslims, not the nuclear bombs. They are converting India into an Islamic nation by population explosion. India can repeal article 370 from Kashmir, India can build Ram Temple, India can win war against Pakistan, but India cannot prevent itself from becoming an Islamic nation”.

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When NewsMobile fact-checked the above post we found it to be FAKE as Parvez Musharraf never said the above statement.
On putting the above text on Google, we didn’t find any credible report based on the above quote by Indian or Pakistani media.

We further scanned through his verified Twitter handle but there also he hadn’t posted anything on the lines of the above quote.
Hence, this proves that the quote is wrongly attributed to Parvez Musharraf.

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