Does Coca-Cola's new ad ask consumers to 'not drink Coke'? Here's the truth

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An advertisement by Coca-Cola addressing the problem of obesity is being shared online which asks consumers to ‘stop drinking Coca-Cola’.
In the video, a voiceover by a man lists out some of the health risks related to the sodas including kidney problems, stress, obesity, etc. The video ends with the line, “Don’t drink Coke. It is killing you and your family. Coca-Cola. We are partially responsible for America’s obesity problem.”
“Coca Cola’s new ad says Don’t drink Coke, awareness campaign. It really takes lot of guts for any company to say this in social media, but Coca Cola has no options …changing times…..must watch. Very important to see that Coca Cola company openly says that DO NOT DRINK ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.
WORTH WATCHING” the caption read.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral video and found it to be fake.
We checked the YouTube channel of Coca-Cola and found the original video. The video titled ‘Coming Together’ came out in 2013.

The full version of the advertisement is available here.
Upon listening to the original video carefully, we noticed that the voice-over of the original video is different from that of the viral video.
In the original video, the voiceover talks about how the company is doing its share to help fight obesity by reducing the calorie count in their products, encouraging school students to dring water and juices and so forth.
The advertisement was highly criticized for the company’s hypocrisy.
We also found that the viral video was originally uploaded by a YouTube user named John Pemberton, in 2013, titled- ‘The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial‘. It seems to be a part of the original advertisement.
You can listen to the FAKE and the ORIGINAL (2:16 min) ads here;

The above information proves that viral video is the original advertisement released by the soda company.  And hence the claims attached to the videos are fake.

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