Aspirin combined with Honey & Lemon Juice will not kill the Coronavirus; here’s the fact check

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Multiple posts have been circulating on social media claiming that as per an Italian pathologist, 500 mg of aspirin dissolved in lemon juice and honey can kill the Coronavirus.
The posts further state that a COVID-19 patient in Italy recovered by taking this home remedy. Another post mentions that a Mexican family in the U.S. also recovered through this method.



We fact-checked the above information and found it to be fake.
We checked the official WHO website for any such cures and came across an article dated April 19, 2020, which mentions the effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on Coronavirus patients.
In its conclusion, the article mentions: At present, there is no evidence of severe adverse events, acute health care utilization, long-term survival, or quality of life in patients with COVID-19, as a result of the use of NSAIDs.


In fact, we also found an article in The Guardian, dated March 14, 2020, stating that anti-inflammatory drugs may aggravate COVID-19, as per authorities in France.

Further, we also checked the WHO website for cures for Covid-19. It clearly states that there is no cure, drug, or treatment for COVID-19 as of now.

Hence, there is no evidence, treatment, or cure of COVID-19 using aspirin. The claims are, thus, false.

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