WHO has NOT advised against eating bakery items; here's the fact check

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In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, a post attributed to the World Health Organisation (WHO) is doing the rounds on social media. It claims that the WHO has advised against eating bakery items.
“Stop eating bakery items!
It is strictly advised to not eat bakery items as it is not washable and can get infected to the virus easily” – the text on the graphic read.

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NewsMobile fact-checked the viral claim and found that the WHO has not issued any such advisory.
We checked the official website and social media handles of WHO and found a tweet by WHO Sri Lanka dated March 28, 2020, stating that ‘WHO has not advised against eating bakery items’.

The Press Information Bureau of India also put out a post asking people to maintain proper food hygiene for the prevention of any infection. They also asked everyone to be careful of such hoax posts.

The above information proves that the viral post is false.

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