This video of a bike stuck in a pothole is NOT from Mumbai; here's the fact check

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In the midsts of heavy rains in Mumbai, a video of a bike falling into a pothole has surfaced on the internet.
It has been claimed that the video is from Mumbai’s Chembur area. In the video, a man can be seen trying to pull out a two-wheeler from the pothole, which has completely swallowed the vehicle, during heavy rains.

When NewsMobile fact-checked the above video, we found that the viral video is real and not morphed but it is not from Mumbai.
Brihanmumbai Corporation’s verified Twitter handle clarified that the above video is not from Mumbai. It tweeted, “this video is not from Mumbai. We request all the citizens to please verify facts before circulating such content, which could lead to unnecessary panic.”

When we looked further we found that the video is originally from Maharashtra’s Jalna.
Hence, the above information proves that the claim of the video being from Mumbai is FAKE.

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