These pictures of earth were NOT sent by Chandrayaan 2

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Days after the launch of India’s second Moon mission, Chandrayaan 2, a series of pictures have surfaced on the internet which is claimed to be sent by Chandrayaan 2.

The caption with the picture read: पृथ्वी की चंद्रयान द्वारा भेजी गई कुछ तस्वीर…👇😍
ऐसा दृश्य आपने कभी नहीं देखा होगा
(Translation: Some pictures of earth sent by Chandrayaan)


Team of fact-checkers at NewsMobile checked the above post and found it to be FAKE.
On individually checking every picture we found that none of the above pictures was sent by Chandrayaan 2.


On putting this picture through Reverse Image Search, we found an article on the NASA website dated March 2nd, 2007. The picture shows Solar Eclipse from the Moon. The picture is on the internet years before Chandrayaan 2 was launched.


When put the above picture through a Reverse Image Search, we came across a website which had posted this picture on December 21st, 2010.


On checking the above picture by putting it through Reverse Image Search, we found that it has been on the internet for a long time and it is listed under popular smartphone wallpaper on Pinterest.


When we put the picture through Reverse Image Search, we came across an animated video on Shutterstock and the above picture is a screengrab from that video.


When we looked for the above picture, we came across an animated picture on Shutterstock which was cropped and rotated.

The above information proves that viral pictures are old and most of them are animated.
Hence, it is clear that the above pictures were not sent by Chandrayaan 2.

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