The woman in this viral picture is not RaGa's wife; here's the truth

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A picture of Congress President Rahul Gandhi is making rounds on social media in which he is clicked with a woman and claims are being made that she is his wife and the couple has two kids.
The text on the picture read: “विकीलीक्स ने खुलासा किया है की राऊल विंची शादीशुदा है,, इसके 2 बच्चे है जो लंदन में रहते है,, इसकी बीबी कोलम्बियन है,, फली संतान 14 वर्ष का लगका नियाक है और दूसरी संतान माइनक 10 साल की लड़की है
अविवाहित कहकर राहुल गाँधी देश को गुमराह कर रहा है|

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At the time of filing this report, the above post was shared by over 20,000 users on Facebook. Several others shared the same post on social media.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post and found that claims made were FAKE.
When we put the picture through reverse image search, we discovered that the woman in the picture is Nathalia Ramos who is a Spanish-American actress.

Ramos posted the same picture on her official Twitter handle on September 14, 2017.
She wrote, “Last night with the eloquent and insightful Rahul Gandhi….”
The picture was clicked during one of the events Rahul Gandhi took part during his two-week US visit starting from September 11, 2017.
Next day, on September 15, 2017, she posted the same picture on her verified Instagram as well.

Hence, this proves that the viral claim is FAKE.

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