Spectacular viral picture shared by Mahesh Bhatt not a frozen wave

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Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt shared a picture from his twitter handle and wrote, “Who says you can’t freeze the powerful stream of life? Take a look at this frozen wave in Antarctica.”
The picture of a giant smooth ice structure, which may look like a wave went viral.

The picture went viral on social media like a wildfire:

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The elegant picture is from West Antarctica but it is not a frozen wave.
When we put the image through Google reverse image search, we found out that it is a glacier which took many years and got this shape because of wind. The wind cut this into a shape looking like a wave.

Photographer: Lucas K. Zoet, Pennsylvania State University Location: Union Glacier, Ellsworth Mountain Range, West Antarctica Date: February 2011 The metamorphosed sedimentary rock outcrop (on the right side of the photo) in the middle of Union Glacier forces the wind to whip around it, shaping the ice into what is known as a wind scoop. “I was at this location as part of the PoleNet field team which deploys passive seismometers and GPS stations across Antarctica in order to study crustal structure and uplift associated with glacial rebound,” said geologist Lucas Zoet, who took the photo.