No! the man in this viral video is not the Saudi Prince

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A video claiming to be ‘Saudi Prince’s words on Kashmir issue’ has gone viral on social media and WhatsApp.
The man in the video says that according to him “Kashmir is Hindu Land.”
“My position on the Kashmir issue is very clear. I am not a politician, I only care about history and religion. I know that Islam came to India much later than Hinduism, Hinduism had already existed. Pakistan claimed independence way after all this happened – seventy years ago. So I don’t see that Pakistan is a suitable negotiator on Kashmir – I don’t think they even have the right to speak. I believe it is Hindu land, that is pretty controversial, many will say no and they have the right to their opinions. My position is that Kashmir is Hindu land and I say this in front of everyone. I am not saying this just because I am in India, this has been my opinion for five years. Even when I was an extremist this was my opinion. Nobody can say that I am being paid by Modi or anything like that, ” he says in the video.


When NewsMobile reverse searched the image using screenshots of frames from the video, we found out that the man in the viral video is Iman Mohamad Tawhidi. 
While going through his Twitter handle, we found a tweet where he clarified that he is not the Saudi Prince.

Imam Tawhidi is an Iranian-born Australian Shia Muslim Imam. He made this comment while speaking at the Arth Fest of Art and Culture 2019, held in Delhi

So, we can conclude that the man in the video is not the Saudi Prince.

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