No! Delhi's leading school did not release security advisory post strikes

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After India’s strike on a terror camp in Pakistan, in retaliation to the Pulwama attack on 14th February 2019, many fake news around the safety and security conditions in the country have started to float around.
NewsMobile has been tracking such fake news since the attack and have helped bust them after thorough checks and due diligence.
One of the latest reports that have come forward are of a certain Whats App message that seemingly is a security advisory issued by a leading school in Delhi.
The message has been attached below for your reference.

Interestingly, the same message has been put on the page of another school ( as mentioned above) and has been shared by multiple sources on their personal accounts.
Fact Check
NewsMobile spoke to senior authorities at the school and after a thorough check and a detailed talk with them and with sources in the government, we have busted this as fake news.
There has been no advisory of any sort that has been issued by the school or by the government.
Please ignore such messages and do not forward. Creates unnecessary panic in the country.

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