Here's the truth behind this giant skeleton

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A picture of a giant skeleton has surfaced on the internet and it has been claimed that an 80-foot human skeleton which is similar to the description of ghatotkacha, the son of Bhim of Mahabharata was discovered by archaeologists.
The caption read: “कुरूक्षेत्र के पास खुदाइ करते समय विदेशी पुरातत्व विशेषज्ञों को एक 80 फुट की लम्बाई के मानव कंकाल के अवषेश मिले जो महाभारत के भीम के पुत्र घटोत्कच के वर्णन के समान है और हम भारत वासियों को महाभारत ही काल्पनीक लगती है इसे डिस्कवरी चैनल और नेशनल जियोगरेफिक चैनल ने प्रसारित किया है!”
(Translation: At the time of excavation near Kurukshetra, foreign archaeologists found the human skeleton of a length of 80 feet, which is similar to the description of Ghatotkach, the son of Bhima of Mahabharata, and we see the Indians of Mahabharata as imaginary, it is called Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel Has broadcast!)

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At the time of filing this report, the above post was shared by over 6,600 Facebook users.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the above post, we found that the claim attached to the picture is FAKE.
On putting the picture through Reverse Image Search, we found that the skeleton in the picture is ‘Calamita Cosmica‘ Giant Skeleton Sculpture by an Italian artist Gino De Dominicis.

According to several reports, 28 meters giant skeleton sculpture was displayed in Milan’s Palazzo Reale in 2007. The artist completed this work shortly before his death.” Dominicis died in 1998.
Hence, the above information proves that the viral claim attached to the picture is FAKE.

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