Fake news buster: NewsMobile Fact check wrap

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PM Modi never said this; Don’t fall for these FAKE TV grabs

PM Modi did not regret being born in India; here’s the fact check

Fact Checked: Voters will not have to pay Rs 350 if they do not cast their vote

This picture of PM Modi unveiling a plaque is FAKE

Did Ratan N Tata tweet this? Here’s the fact check

Did 350 people convert to Islam in New Zealand? Here’s the truth

The ‘Govt’ letter asking people to not share political post online is FAKE

Fact Checked: Don’t believe this tweet by Priyanka Gandhi’s FAKE twitter handle


Did China quote Indian politicos at UNSC in Masood Azhar case? Here’s the truth

Missing JNU student has not joined ISIS; here’s the fact check

UNESCO has not declared India’s national anthem ‘best in the world’; here’s the truth

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