Fact Checked: Kolkata doctor assaulted by patient's kin is NOT dead

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In the midsts of massive protests by doctors in Kolkata, a post has gone viral on social media according to which, one of the two doctors who were assaulted by a patient’s kin, has passed away.
The post read: “VERY SAD NEWS . Dr. Paribaha Mukherjee AN INTERN IN NRSMC,KOKATA is no more. He was killed by goons and relatives of a patient in cold blood while on duty in Emergency ward of the Hospital.
🙏🏼incident has happened in NRSMC of Kolkata.
A 85 year old man was admitted in emergency ward at around 7 p.m on 10th June in very serious state . Inspite of best possible treatment patient passed away after some time of admission . After that relatives of patient came with a truck full of goons and started pelting stones and bricks towards the doctors. Dr.Paribaha Mukherjee Intern on duty was hit by a brick and got seriously injured with an skull fracture. Another intern was also beaten mercilessly by the attacking goons. Some other students including one from 2nd year also got seriously injured.
If this continues and immediate steps are not taken by Government to save Doctors from unruly relatives , attendants and bindas it will be difficult for Doctors and Hospitals to treat seriously I’ll patients. MAY LORD GIVE PEACE TO THE YOUNG BUDDING DOCTOR WHO WAS KILLED IN COLD BLOOD FOR TREATING A SERIOUSLY ILL PATIENT AND PERFORMING HIS DUTY AND STRENGTH TO PARENTS , NEAR AND DEAR FRIENDS RELATIVES AND ALL DOCTOR COMMUNITY TO BEAR THIS UNBEARABLE LOSS. OM SHANTI.”

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When NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false.
When we contacted NRS Medical college, an employee of the college who does not want to reveal his identity, confirmed that both doctors who were assaulted are in stable condition.
Hence, it is proved that Dr Paribaha Mukherjee is NOT dead as claimed in various posts on social media.

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