Fact Check: No, this Rohingya girl is not the same girl seen taking oil from diyas in Ayodhya

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A picture collage is going viral on social media with the picture of two girls – one is a Rohingya and the other picture is of a girl from Ayodhya. It is being claimed that both the girls are the same and the pictures were staged.
“इस अवैध रोहींगया लड़की को वाम और सेकुलर गैंग ने एक षड़यंत्र के तहत अयोध्या पहुंचाया ज़िससे एक झूठा प्रोपेगैंडा फैलाय़ा जा सके , अरे बेशर्मो तुम्हारा प्लान फेल हो गया” the caption read.

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When NewsMobile fact-checked the post, we found the claim to be false.
On cropping the picture and putting it through Reverse Image Search, we found the first image on Getty Images. This picture was taken by K.M Asad in 2017 for AFP via Getty Images.
“A Rohingya refugee girl looks next to newly arrived refugees who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in Ukhiya on September 6, 2017. – More than 125,000 refugees have flooded across the border into Bangladesh. Most are Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority that the government of Buddhist-majority Myanmar largely does not recognise as citizens, ” the caption read.

The second picture started trending after it went viral on social media.

We found an article by ABP Ganga, where she was identified as Muskan. According to the article, the 6-year-old lives in the same arena where Ayodhya Deepotsav was celebrated.
Moreover, the second picture was shared by the caption containing the wrong figures. The total amount of money spent on Ayodhya Deepotsav was Rs 132.7 lakh was spent and not Rs 133 crores.

On comparing the two images, we noticed that the facial features of both the girls are different.
The above information proves that both girls are NOT the same.

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