Fact Check: Don't believe this FAKE news about Centre banning ₹2,000 currency notes

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A news report is doing rounds on social media claiming that Centre is banning ₹2,000 currency notes.

The headline of the article in Hindi read: “रोहतक वालो होशियार, 2000 के नोट बंद कर रही सरकार!”
(Translation: Rohtak Alert, government is banning 2000 rupee currency notes!)
The article further read that ‘the government is going to ban Rs 2000 currency notes soon. So be careful in time, so that you don’t have to stand in line like demonetisation in 2016’.
The full article can be seen here.

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NewsMobile fact checked the article and found it to be misleading.
On closely analyzing the above report, we found that the article is based on the recent annual report by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) according to which not a single ₹2,000 note was printed in 2019-20.

Reports by several media organisations can be seen here, here and here.
Full RBI Annual Report for 2019-20 can be seen here.
Moreover, there are no authentic reports or any notification from the government or RBI about banning of ₹2,000 currency notes.
In conclusion, the above information proves that the report in question is false.

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