Don’t fall for this! Sachin Pilot didn’t blacken NaMo’s poster; It’s FAKE

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Sachin Pilot, on Monday, took oath as the new Deputy CM of Rajasthan, along with Ashok Gehlot, who took oath as the CM.  But amidst all this political drama, a picture is going viral on social media, showing Pilot in bad light.
The post claims that Pilot, who was a strong candidate for the CM post, blackened Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s face on a poster. The caption reads, ‘ये वही सचिन पायलेट हे जो राजस्थान मे मुखियमत्री बनने का हे इसने मोदी जी के पोस्टर पर उनके चेहरे पर काला कर रहा है इसको इतना फलाओ कि कल तक हर न्युज चेनल पर आ जाए’

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The post was shared excessively on Facebook, especially in BJP groups. Some of these groups have more than 3 lakh members.


When you reverse search the image, it will lead you to some clips and video dated October 2018. The pictures, however, are not of Sachin pilot but Satvajeet Tambe, President of Maharashtra Youth Congress.
Satvajeet Tambe on October 11, 2018, posted a video in which he is seen performing this disgraceful act. Tambe was protesting against the price hike of fuel in India.

A Marathi daily,  Loksatta, also carried a report on this incident.
This video and reports are proof that the man in the video is not Pilot and the claims are fake.

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