Did Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut say this? Here's the truth

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A post has been going viral on social media quoting Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi and Kangana Ranaut.
“मैं इस नवरात्री पर अल्लाह से दुआ करती हूँ की लक्ष्मी को भीक न मांगना पड़े, दुर्गा की भ्रूण हत्या ना हो, पारवती को दहेज़ ना देने पड़े, सरस्वती बिना स्कूल के अनपढ़ ना रहे और काली को फेयर एंड लवली की ज़रुरत ना पड़े! इंशा अल्लाह !” the post quoted Shabana Azmi as saying.
(Translation – This Navratri, I pray to Allah that Lakshmi doesn’t have to beg for money, Durga doesn’t get aborted, Parvati doesn’t have to pay dowry, Saraswati doesn’t end up being an illiterate without schooling and Kali doesn’t need ‘Fair and Lovely’ cream. Insha Allah.)
A line at the end of the post reads, “Will she speak against practices of Triple Talaq, Polygamy, Burqa, Halala and population control?”
The post also quoted Kangana Ranaut ” मैं ईद पर ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करती हूँ की किसी आइशा का 6 साल की उम्र में निकाह ना हो, शाहबानो को ट्रिपल तलाक ना मिले, मीनाकुमारी का हलाला ना हो, फातिमा को 4थी बीवी ना बनना पड़े, इशरत आतंकवादी ना बने, शेहला को बुरका ना पहनना पड़े और किसी मुमताज़ को 14 बच्चे पैदा ना करना पड़े! !”
(Translation – This Eid, I pray to god that no Aisha is married off at the age of 6, no Shahbano should get Triple talaq, no Meenakumari has to undergo Halala, no Fatima has to become a 4th wife, no Ishrat turns into a terrorist, no Shehla is forced to wear Burka and no Mumtaz would have to give birth to 14 children!)

When NewsMobile team fact-checked this, we found out that the attributed quotes are FALSE.
Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi took it to Twitter to bust the fake news. ” I have NEVER said this. It is DISGUSTING what trolls will stoop to polarise and communalise an already charged atmosphere. I work for all women irrespective of their religion, ” she wrote.

However, one of the comments in the following tweet let us to another tweet by the actress. On 29 September 2017, she posted a similar tweet.

We further noticed that Kangana’s quote has been picked up from the comments of the netizens on the above tweet by Azmi.

This proves that both the quotes are falsely attributed.

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