Did people protest against PM Modi in Saudi Arabia? Here's the fact check

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A picture has been doing rounds on social media claiming that people in Saudi Arabia are protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Triple Talaq and various issues.
In the picture, a few people can be seen protesting with holding shoes and placards with PM Modi’s picture on it.
“सऊदी अरब में मोदी के खिलाफ जूते चप्पल के साथ सड़कों पर उतरे लोग हिंदुस्तान के मुस्लिमों के साथ हो रहे अत्त्याचार ओर 3 तलाक़ के बहाने शरीयत के साथ छेड़छाड़ की कोशिश के विरोध में मोदी के पोस्टर को दिखाए जूते चप्पल ” the text read.

At the time of filing the report, the above post had around 4,600 shares on Facebook.


When NewsMobile fact-checked the picture, we found it to be morphed.
On putting the image through Reverse Image Search, we found the original image.
The original picture is from Kuwait and was taken in 2016 during a protest against Russia and Assad government actions in Syria.
An article by Al Etihad Press dated December 14, 2016, also features the original image.

In the fake versus real collage, it is clear that the picture of Prime Minister Modi has been superimposed using a photoshop software.
This proves that the viral picture is morphed.

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