Did Manmohan Singh get the first position in 'fifty photos of the loyal person in the world'?

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A claim has surfaced on the social media which a picture of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh according to which ‘he got the First Place in The White House (U.S.A) during fifty photos of the loyal person in the world’.
The text read: अमेरिका में व्हाइट हाउस में 50 ईमानदार की तस्वीर में भारत के नायब हीरे #श्री_मनमोहन_सिंह_जी का 1st स्थान..
Dr.Manmohan Singh Got The First Place in The White House (U.S.A) During Fifty Photos of Loyal Person In the World..Congratulations to Everyone..Proud moment For All Of Us..

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When NewsMobile Fact Checked the above post, we found the claim to be FAKE.
Firstly, when we searched the keywords such as Dr Manmohan Singh, The White House, fifty photos of the loyal person in the world, on Google and there has been no authentic source to confirm the above claim. 

Further, when we scanned through White House’s official website, we found that there is no such recognition of ‘loyal person in the world’ by the White House. 
Hence, this proves that the viral claim about Dr Manmohan Singh is FAKE.

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