Convent schools in India are not teaching students obscene dance

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A video is making rounds on social media in which young school students are seen dancing in a sexually provocative manner.
The video is shared with the text that reads: ये संस्कार सिखाये जाते है कान्वेंट स्कूलों में” which translates to: Such values are taught in Convent Schools”
A twitter handle @shyam__lohiya tweeted the video. The tweet was retweeted over 700 times before it was deleted.

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The video also went viral on Facebook.


The dance in the above video is called Twerk

When we Fact Checked the claims it revealed that the video is not from India and it is an old video. Meanwhile, this dance form is not taught in any convent school.
The above video is originally from Cuba which went viral in 2016. The video was taken by father ‘Jorge Luis Pérez’ of one of the boys in the video which received heavy outrage from the parents across the world.
The parents blamed the school for this while the school inversely said that parents are responsible for it as they learn this at home.
Several national and international media reported about the outrage when the video went viral in 2016.

Daily Mail in April 2016 also reported about the same.

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