BEWARE! Kalonji seeds CANNOT cure Coronavirus; don't fall for the FAKE claim

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Claims have been circulating online stating that kalonji or black cumin seeds contain 100% Hydroxychloroquine which can cure Coronavirus.
This is the same drug that US President Donald Trump asked to be exported from India for curing coronavirus.
The posts further claim that Hydroxychloroquine is 100% present in Kalonji seeds, and people should take half teaspoon of it.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above posts and found them to be false.
We checked on the National Center for Biotechnology Information for the chemical composition of Kalonji seeds. Hydroxychloroquine was not listed as one of the components.
This was further confirmed on official websites of other sources – the chemical composition does not state Hydroxychloroquine.

We also checked the WHO website for cures of Coronavirus, and it reiterated that there is no cure for COVID-19.

Hence, it is false and Kalonji seeds do not contain hydroxychloroquine and will not aid in the prevention of the Coronavirus.

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