Amazon is not selling Apple Watch for Rs 11; here's the reality behind this WhatsApp Forward

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WhatsApp is one the best creation in the current generation as the messaging platform has got an ease to the life of millions. But at the same time, some are using it for their personal gains by fooling users.
Now a WhatsApp forward is making rounds which claim to be from e-commerce giant Amazon about a ‘Big Billion Day’ sale. According to its high-end products like DSLR, Smartphones, wireless speakers are being sold at literally dust price and a link is attached to buy it. For eg: An Apple Watch is being sold at just Rs 11.
This is the message:

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Well after seeing such bumper deal, anyone would be lured by it and at least try to get these premium products at such low price.


When NewsMobile came across this message, we first tried to research whether Amazon has come up with such sale or not. After scanning through their website, there had been no official sale by Amazon.
Then we decided to check where this link takes us.
First, we opened the link in the forwarded message. It opened in the browser and listed down a series of products at very low price.

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Then we decided to buy the Apple Watch at Rs 11. On taping on the product, another page opened with an option to buy it just like any other e-commerce platform.

After taping on ‘Buy Now’ option, a new page opened which asked for ‘Billing Address’

After filling all the details in the new page, the order summary was displayed.

It now all looked genuine and for a moment we felt like is it happening for real. Then after we clicked on ‘Place Order’ option a pop up came out which said ‘Robot/Human Verifications’ with a message that read:
“Dear Customer For this deal you have to invite minimium* 10 group/Friends because we want to make it the greatest giveaway of the year.” (With a wrong spelling of *minimum)

Even on taping on ‘Confirm Order’, it prompted to share with at least 10 friends.

Well, it turned out the deal was FAKE and it was just clickbait website which earns on biases of web traffic. More people open the website, more they will earn.

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